RFID & Card Printer


ACACIA DREAMS is capable of supplying blank white MIFARE® cardsThe blank white PVC MIFARE® cards can have the following options.

  • with or without serial number printed.
  • with or without pre-printed design on the card similar to Touch n' Go Cards.
  • with extras like barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Hot-Stamping, Signature Panels, etc...
  • With personalized Photo and details (Photo-ID Cards) - Non Fading Type

Full color, double-sided MIFARE Classic® smart cards, custom printed to your own design. The smart cards contain genuine NXP 1K contactless chips which are widely used in card applications such as electronic payments, access control, transport cards and event ticketing.

Choose to add optional extras such as numbering, signature panels or magnetic stripe. The chips in the cards are supplied unencoded, however we can encode a sequential number or data on a magnetic stripe - please contact us for details.

We don't use a surface print so both the card and chip are safe under the laminate overlay.

To learn more about the product please visit MIFARE products.

Special requirements for your cards? Please get in touch, we'll be happy to discuss your project.